Introducing JOY, Pyramid's Voice Banking Virtual Assistant

Meet JOY, Pyramid's conversational banking assistant.  Access your Pyramid accounts 24/7 over the phone to check balances, transfer between accounts, check history, make loan payments, and confirm deposits and withdrawals, all using natural language. As more people use JOY, she continues to learn and expand her capabilities. 

Give JOY a call at (520) 775-0928. 

Below is a listing of some of the features and sample phrases available using JOY, Pyramid's Voice Banking virtual assistant:

   Available Balance
  • How much money do I have in my checking account?
  • What are the balances in my savings and checking accounts?
  • What are my balances?
  • How much do I have in in checking?
  • What are my current balances?
  • Balances
  • List my balances
   Withdrawal Transactions
  • What are my recent withdrawals?
  • Checking withdrawals
  • List my withdrawals from checking
   Deposit Transactions
  • What are my recent deposits?
  • Deposits
  • List my deposits in checking
   ATM Transactions
  • What are my recent ATM transactions?
  • ATM transactions
  • List my ATM transactions
   Find Transactions by Amount
  • Find my transactions in the amount of $100
  • Do I have any $100 transactions?
  • Transactions of $100
  • Transfer
  • Transfer $100 from my checking to my savings
  • Pay my Visa
  • Transfer $10 to my checking
   Scheduled Transfers
  • Transfer $100 from my checking to my savings on Saturday.
  • Make a scheduled transfer
  • Move $5 from my savings to my checking every day
  • Where is the Broadway branch?
  • Locations
  • What hours are you open?
  • I need to visit a branch
  • I need an ATM
  • Where can I find an ATM?
   Member Service
  • I need to speak to a human
  • Connect me to Member Services
  • Operator
  • Transfer me to a Member Service representative