Online & Mobile Banking Services

We’re continuing to improve the way you bank, giving you anytime digital access to help you take care of your banking needs online, via mobile device, or over the phone - all without leaving your home. Experience Pyramid's enhanced Online and Mobile Banking services by logging in today.

  • All of your Pyramid accounts in one central dashboard
  • Check account balances and review activity
  • Apply for a loan securely from your online account
  • Pay your bills easily and conveniently on your schedule
  • Make loan and credit card payments
  • Transfer money between accounts, and to another Pyramid member
  • Deposit checks on the fly using our Mobile App
  • Lock  your Pyramid Debit or Credit Card for added security
  • Find branch and ATM locations near you 
  • Access eStatements and set Account Alerts

Setting Up and Accessing Your Online Account

How do I enroll in Online and Mobile banking?

All members can easily enroll in Online Banking. The Enrollment link can be found on either the desktop application (via a web browser) or on the Mobile App Sign In page. 

Sign In_Enroll.png

Click the ENROLL link and enter the requested information. Once your information is confirmed, you will be asked to create a Username and Password. You will use the same Username and Password to access your account from your desktop or Mobile App.

An email address is required to enroll in Pyramid's Online Banking service.

Make sure we have up-to-date contact information including address, email and mobile phone numbers. This information is used for security verification. Inaccurate information may delay your enrollment.

Is there a new Mobile App?

Yes. Pyramid's Mobile App was updated in February 2021. To ensure you are accessing all of the App features and enhancements, be sure you are using the latest App Version available in your device App Store.

Here are the links to both android and iOS downloads.

Google Play Store

Apple App Store

What is the criteria for a Username and Password?

Your Username must be at least 4 characters in length and can be any combination of letters and numbers, but cannot contain special characters. Your Username cannot be your account number or just numbers. 

Your new Password must be at least eight characters, including at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, one number, and at least one special character like !@$.

If you have forgotten or wish to change your Username, you will need to contact us at (520) 795-7950.

Forgotten passwords can be re-set using the FORGOT PASSWORD? link on the Sign In page on your browser or Mobile App.

I forgot my Password. How do I reset it?

Click the “FORGOT PASSWORD?” link on the Online Banking Sign In page or on the Mobile App. If the information you submitted is verified, you will be prompted to create a new password.

Passwords will need to be changed every six months. You will not be able to re-use the same password. 

I forgot my Username. How can I find out what it is? Can I change it?

This feature is not currently available. If you forgot your username or would like to change it, you will need to contact us during regular business hours for assistance at (520) 795-7950. This feature is scheduled as a future enhancement.

Can I log into the Mobile App using Touch ID or facial recognition?

Yes, the Mobile App works with facial recognition for iPhones and Touch ID for certain iPhone and Android devices. To set it up, first make sure facial recognition and/or Touch ID is enabled on your device. Then login to the Mobile App and go to the ‘More’ menu to enable this feature. You can also set up a PIN for mobile login as well.

Navigating Online Banking

What are the menu options?

On Desktop (from a browser)—the Menu is displayed across the top of the screen. Frequently used menus for Accounts (Home), Bill Pay, Transfer, Cards, and Apply for Loan are followed by … MORE. On the far right is the Sign Out tab.

From the MORE menu, you can select from the following options: Alerts, Profile, Stop Payment, Statements, Messages, Order Checks, Locations, Contact Us, Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions. Some of these functions are only available on Desktop:  Alerts and Check Re-Orders. 

On Mobile (using Mobile App)—the Menu is displayed at the bottom of screen. Menu options on Mobile include Accounts, Bill Pay, Loans and …MORE. In the center of the bottom menu, you will also see a gold circle with a ‘+’ sign to access features such as transfers, mobile deposit and card controls.

The Mobile Check Deposit feature is only accessible through the Mobile App.

Can I change the way my accounts are displayed on the home page?

YES. We recommend you login on a desktop (browser) to set up your account dashboard, group accounts, and set alerts. On the home screen you can view your accounts as tiles or in a list/table. The default display is tiles. For the Tiles display, you will see a gold colored icon with 3 rows and 3 columns highlighted next to Your Accounts.

To change to List view, click on the gold colored icon with 3 horizontal lines.

You can also Group accounts, such as Savings, Loans, and Other Accounts. On the home screen, select the Group Accounts button and enter a Group Name in the Add New Group field next to the pencil icon.

The "Nickname" accounts feature will be added in a future update. 

I can't see all of my accounts. What can I do?

On Desktop—After logging in to your Online account, in the More menu, select Profile. Then select HIDE & SHOW ACCOUNTS. All of your accounts are displayed here. You can toggle between Hide and Show in the Action menu to the right.

On the Mobile App—After logging in, select ... in the bottom menu and then select App Settings. From there, go to the Hide Account tab, where you’ll see the Hide and Show buttons for each account.

If you can't see an account after you login, be sure to check to see if the account was hidden from displaying by using the Hide & Show Accounts tool. If you can't see the account at all, please give us a call to assist you.

Will I be able to see my account number in Online and Mobile Banking?

Yes. You will be able to see your full account number(s). On the homepage, you will see ‘…’ to the right on each account tile. Click on the 3 dots. From here you can Hide the account from your dashboard and also Show the full account number for this account.

You can also find your account number by clicking on a suffix account (savings, checking, loans, etc.) and opening the Transaction History screen. Here you will find a Details tab which will provide information including the Account Number, Share or Loan ID, Last Activity Date, Dividends for deposit accounts, and a variety of items like Interest Rate and Payment Due dates on loan accounts.

Will I be able to create nicknames for my accounts?

When logging into your account on a computer/browser, you are able to re-name your account titles on your dashboards. To change the suffix description, click on the suffix to open your account transaction history/details page. At the top you will see the standard account description such as Regular Savings or Share Draft. To the right of the description you will see a pencil icon. If you click on that icon, the title will be highlighted in blue. Begin typing your new account nickname and click save.

Unfortunately, these nicknames will only display when using a computer/browser. Nicknames will not display when using the Mobile App at this time.


Can I apply for a Loan within Online Banking?

Yes. From the main menu, select Apply For Loan. You can apply for a new Credit Card or request an increase in your credit limit, as well as apply for a Personal or Vehicle Loan directly from your Online or Mobile Account.

This saves time as much of your personal information is directly transferred to the loan application from your credit union account.

Where is the Sign Out button located?

The "Sign Out" link is located in the upper right corner within Online Banking accessed from a computer/browser.  If your screen is not fully expanded and the Sign Out button is not showing or if you are using the Mobile App, you can find the Sign Out link in the 'More' tab.

Making Transfers and Loan Payments

How do I transfer funds in Online Banking?

You can make transfers in your Online and Mobile accounts through the Transfers tab.

Select which account you are taking the money FROM and then select where the funds will be deposited/credited TO.

You can set up a single (one-time) transfer or schedule a series of transfers by checking the “Repeat” box. Recurring transfers must be set to begin at least one (1) day from the current date.

What if I want to transfer to another Pyramid member account?

From the Transfers menu select Member Recipient.

Enter the First Name, Last Name, Account Number (numbers only, no dashes or leading zeros), and Share ID.

The Share ID is a 4-digit number that identifies the recipient's subaccount. Generally, a savings account will have a Share ID of 0000 and a Checking or Share Draft account will have a Share ID of 1000. However, some members have multiple suffix accounts, so be sure to confirm with your Member Recipient to locate the correct Share ID for the receiving account. Finally, select whether it will be going into a Deposit or Loan account.

Once you set up a Member Recipient, you should see this account in your available  transfer TO account list for future transfers. 

Member-to-Member transfers can be scheduled as one-time transfers. Recurring Member-to-Member transfers are not currently available.

Will internal transfers show on the transfers screen?

Yes, you will be able to see all transfers that you schedule within your Online or Mobile account. 


I'm trying to transfer to a loan, will it show the minimum payment due?

Yes, once selected if there is a payment due it will show the amount due and the loan balance. Click on the loan tile to view your transaction history and loan information, including due date, interest rate, and more.

Is there a limit on how much I can transfer?

Yes, there is daily transfer limit of $10,000. You must have the funds available in the account or the transfer will not process.

Are credit card or loan payments immediate or is there a delay?

Payments made from your Pyramid FCU account to your Pyramid Credit Card account will be immediate if funds are available in your pay from account. 

Currently, you cannot pay a Pyramid loan account from another financial institution within your online account. You must set those payments up with the other financial institution.

We can accept non-Pyramid Debit or Credit Card payments for a Pyramid loan over the phone during regular business hours. There is a fee for this service. 

Using Online Bill Pay

What is Bill Pay?

Bill Pay is a free service offered to Pyramid FCU members through your online account.

Rather than writing your own checks and mailing payments, with Bill Pay you can set up payments to individuals and merchants on a one-time or recurring basis. The Bill Pay provider then processes those payments on your behalf. Many merchants now participate in Bill Pay programs and accept electronic payments so your payments arrive in just a few days. There are still some merchants who require check payments, so you need to make sure you are scheduling your payments with enough delivery time to reach the merchant on or before the payment is due. 

You must have a Pyramid checking account to enroll in Bill Pay.

How do I sign up for Bill Pay?

We recommend that you first login to your Online Banking account on a desktop/laptop computer to enroll in Bill Pay.

From the main menu, select Bill Pay. You will be asked a number of validation questions and will set up challenge phrases to secure your Bill Pay account. 

Once you have enrolled in Bill Pay, you can add payees and schedule payments within the Mobile App as well. 

There are some helpful video tutorials in your Bill Pay dashboard. 

How do I set up Payees in Bill Pay?

Once you are enroll in Bill Pay, you can begin to set up your Payees. Payees are the merchants, businesses, or people you would like to send payments to. From the main Bill Pay menu, select Add Payee and begin entering the requested information (account number if applicable, name, address and phone).

After your Payee is set up, you will be able to see whether payments will be sent as electronic payments or as regular mailed checks. Electronic payments are typically processed in 1-2 business days, where mailed checks can take up to 10 days to reach the payee. Be sure to plan accordingly to avoid late payments. 

Funds for Bill Pay payments are debited from your account on the day of your scheduled payment.

How do I schedule payments? Is there a cut-off time for processing payments?

After you have set up your Payees, you can begin to schedule Bill Pay payments.

Enter the amount and the date you want to schedule your payment. Be aware of the processing time (electronic or mailed payments vary from 1-2 days up to 10 days delivery time) when scheduling payments. 

Your funds will be withdrawn from your Pyramid checking account on the process date. 

Same day payments must be scheduled BEFORE 2PM or they will process on the next business day. Bill Payments are not processed on weekends or federal holidays. 

If you receive an error message of "Invalid Process Date," check the scheduled date and select the next business day to continue. 

Does Bill Pay work using the Mobile App?

YES. Once you enroll in Bill Pay, you can Add Payees and Schedule New Payments from within your Mobile App.

Not all Bill Pay features are available within the Mobile App. For the full functionality, login to your Pyramid Online Banking account from a desktop/laptop browser. 

Depositing Checks with the Mobile App

How do I make a remote check deposit?

First, you must download the Pyramid FCU Mobile App. This service is not available through a desktop (browser-based) login. 

From your mobile device or tablet, login to your Mobile App and then select ‘Deposit Check.’ Follow the steps to take a photo of both sides of the paper check.

Be sure to carefully follow the instructions regarding check amount limits and proper endorsements. Many mobile check deposits are rejected for not having the proper endorsements. Be sure to hand-write the words 'FOR MOBILE DEPOSIT TO PYRAMIDFCU" on the back of the check, along with your signature and account number.

DO NOT destroy the paper check until you have confirmation that the deposit was accepted and credited to your account.

How do I endorse the check for mobile deposit?

This is a very important step. You must write the words “FOR MOBILE DEPOSIT TO PYRAMID FCU” on the back of the check, as well as writing your account number and signature on the back of the check.

Some checks have a small box to check that says Mobile Depost. This is NOT a sufficient endorsement and your mobile deposit will be rejected.

Failure to include any of the above endorsements on the back of the check will result in the mobile deposit being rejected.

Are there limits in the amount of money that can be deposited this way?

The daily limit for all mobile deposits is $5,000. Single checks or multiple check deposits exceeding those limits will be rejected.

What do I do if my mobile deposit is rejected?

DO NOT destroy the paper check. If you receive a message that you did not include the appropriate endorsement, make sure you hand write specifically - "FOR MOBILE DEPOSIT TO PYRAMID FCU" - above endorsement and re-scan the check through the Mobile App.

Even if your Mobile Deposit is submitted successfully, DO NOT destroy the paper check for at least 30 calendar days after the deposit posts to your account.

When are my funds available after a mobile deposit?

IMPORTANT NOTE: Just because your mobile deposit was submitted sucessfully, it doesn't mean that the money is immediately available for use.

All mobile deposits are subject to our Funds Availability Policy and may not be available for 1-2 business days after deposit. Some deposits may be placed on additional holds before the funds are released.

See page 17 of the Membership Agreement for details on the Funds Availability Policy. 

Understanding Account Alerts and Card Controls

What are Account Alerts?

Account alerts can be set up to notify you of various account activities. These include high and/or low balances, when a payment is due, or when a deposit is posted.

Account alerts are set up in Online Banking in the 'More' menu. You can choose to receive an email or text alert, or both. Setting up Account

Alerts must be done from a desktop (browser) login, not from the Mobile App.

Is there a way to lock my Pyramid Debit and/or Credit Card?

Yes. This handy feature allows members to lock and unlock their Pyramid Debit and/or Credit cards right from within Online or Mobile Banking.

If your card is lost or stolen, immediately go to the Cards menu to control access. Select the card(s) to block instantly at any time. If your card is found, you can simply unblock it and continue using it. This gives you peace of mind during after hours that your card cannot be used fraudulently until you can contact us.

Contact us during regular business hours if you need us to re-issue a new card.

Setting Up and Viewing eStatements for your Credit Union and Visa Credit Card statements

How do I enroll in Online Statements?

When you enroll in Online Banking, you will be able accept the terms and conditions to receive electronic statements and notices.

If you do not choose to receive eStatements when you enroll in Online Banking, you can update your delivery preferences at any time in your Online PROFILE, using the E-STATEMENT / E-NOTICES PREFERENCE tab. You will be asked to review and accept the Terms & Conditions. 

You can also give us a call at (520) 795-7950 during business hours. 

How do I view my Online Statements?

After enrolling, you will be able to view your available eStatements by navigating to the 'MORE' menu and selecting STATEMENTS. eStatements are available approximately one week after the end of each month and are available for both regular credit union accounts as well as VISA credit card accounts.

If your account is not enrolled in eStatements, you will see the message: You are not enrolled in E-Statements. To enroll, visit your profile page then click on the E-Statements / E-Notices Preferences tab.

We recommend that you login in to your Online Banking account through a browser (desktop/laptop) and NOT through the Mobile App to be able to view, print and download/save your eStatements. Currently you can ONLY VIEW your eStatements in our Mobile App. 

Are eStatements for prior years available?

If you had previously been receiving eStatements, you will be able to see up to the last three years’ worth of statements. Statements earlier than those for the year 2020 will be in pdf format and require an installed document reader such as Adobe Acrobat to access.

If you are a new member, you will be able to see your online statements the month after you enrolled in eStatements.

Are eStatements available for Pyramid FCU Visa Credit Card accounts?

Yes. You can access your Pyramid Visa Credit Card statements electronically.

If you have enrolled to receive eStatements, you do not need to enroll separately for Visa. Historical eStatements will not be available for Visa. If you need a printed copy, stop by any branch for assistance.

More Questions?

Can I make a Stop Payment request in Online Banking?

Yes, you can send Stop Payment requests for a check or series of checks through the online Stop Payment request form. There is a fee for this service.

This is NOT for use with scheduled online Bill Pay payments. You need go to your Bill Pay menu and update any scheduled payments there. If a payment has already processed, you will need to contact Bill Pay Support directly at (866) 208-7735 or use the Live Chat feature.

Can I send a Travel Notification in Online Banking?

YES. You can use the Secure Message Center to send us travel notifications. DO NOT SEND THIS VIA EMAIL.

Please be sure to let us know the dates and locations you will be traveling, as well as which cards you plan to use (debit and/or credit cards).

Can I use Online Banking to change my address or phone number?

Yes. You can update your contact information, including phone number(s), email and physical/mailing addresses inside your Online Account Profile.

Please DO NOT send this information via email. NEVER include your personal information, including your Account Number and SSN in an email.

Can I send Messages to Pyramid in Online Banking?

Like before, you can send the credit union a secure message via Online or Mobile banking. Our member services staff monitor the messages during business hours and reply within the next business day.

Since the Message Center is secured behind your login, you can ask account specific questions. We may ask you to contact us during regular business hours to verify your request. 

Will I be able to order checks through my Online account?

YES. You can order checks from within your Online Banking account. Check ordering is NOT available through the Mobile App.

From the More menu, select Order Checks, then select the account if you have more than one checking/money market account. After clicking on the desired account, you will be linked directly to the Harland Clarke check ordering site.

Pyramid’s Routing Number and Your selected account number will populate the order form automatically. Be sure to confirm the account numbers and click ‘Yes, start a new order.”


Can I connect to Quicken/Quickbooks/Mint?

The Direct Connect feature for Quicken/Quick Books is not available at this time.

Members are able to connect to their Pyramid account(s) through their Quicken/Mint and other Money Manager accounts.

Click here to learn more about how to connect to Quicken.


Using JOY: Voice Teller

What is JOY?

JOY is Pyramid's Virtual Voice Banking assistant.

JOY can help check balances, search for recent transactions, list deposits and withdrawals, transfer funds and schedule future transfers between internal accounts, set account alerts, and provide credit union information like routing number and locations.

Simply use natural language commands like - Tell me the balance in my checking account; List my last 10 withdrawals, etc.

How to I reach JOY?

YES. To reach JOY dial: (520) 775-0928.


How do I enroll?

The first time you call the access number above, JOY will ask you to verify your account number and last 4 digits of your SSN.

After it is verified, JOY will ask you to set up a PIN.

Each time you call JOY, she will ask you to enter your account number and PIN. If you have more than one account at Pyramid, JOY will be able to provide you with information on all of your accounts in the same session.

Is JOY available 24/7?

YES. You can access JOY 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. 

If you need assistance from a Pyramid Member Service Representative, you will need to contact us during regular business hours at (520) 795-7950.

Can JOY tell me balances on all of my accounts?

YES. JOY can provide you with all account balances. Just ask her for all accounts.

How do I communicate with JOY? Are there specific commands to use?

Use natural language (English). Speak or text your requests as if you are talking directly with JOY.


What will happen if I get locked out?

If you enter an incorrect PIN, JOY will lock you out for your account security. To unlock, you will need to contact us during regular business hours.

What if JOY can't answer my questions?

JOY will re-direct you to a credit union Member Service Representative during regular business hours.

Online and Mobile Banking are subject to the  Online Banking Services Agreement and Disclosures.