Check Balances, Apply for Loans, Make Payments, and MORE!


Online & Mobile Banking Services

We’re continuing to improve the way you bank, giving you anytime digital access to help you take care of your banking needs online, via mobile device, or over the phone - all without leaving your home. Experience Pyramid's enhanced Online and Mobile Banking services by logging in today.

  • All of your Pyramid accounts in one central dashboard
  • Check account balances and review activity
  • Apply for a loan securely from your online account
  • Pay your bills easily and conveniently on your schedule
  • Make loan and credit card payments
  • Transfer money between accounts, and to another Pyramid member
  • Deposit checks on the fly using our Mobile App
  • Lock  your Pyramid Debit or Credit Card for added security
  • Find branch and ATM locations near you 
  • Access eStatements and set Account Alerts

multipe login options

Online Banking

What browsers are supported for online banking?

Safari, Firefox, Chrome and IE versions 11+, Microsoft Edge. Make sure you have the latest version of your browser.

Am I required to register for the first time on a desktop/laptop or can I register via a mobile device?

You can enroll for the first time through either online or mobile banking. Just click the Enroll link.

I’m having trouble registering for online banking. What should I do?

Please contact Pyramid FCU at (520) 795-7950 or

I forgot my password. How do I recover it?

Click the “Forgot Password” link at the login page for either online or mobile banking. You can set a new password there.

I forgot my user name. How do I find it?

Please contact Pyramid FCU to retrieve your user name.

Are there any challenge questions?

No. But you will need to input a temporary access code which is sent to your email/phone. You will be challenged with multiple factor authentication when logging in from different browsers or computers and for some account changes.  Pyramid FCU will never call you and ask for this code.

How do I apply for a loan?

Tap the golden circle with the + sign at the upper right corner of the page.  This will open a menu of options that include Apply for Loan.

How do I review my account balances?

Once you login, whether on desktop or mobile version, you can see a summary of your accounts on the home page. Click on each account to see more details.

Can I download/export my transaction history for Quicken?

The Direct Connect feature for Quicken/Quick Books is not available at this time.  Members are able to connect to their Pyramid account(s) through their Quicken/Mint and other Money Manager accounts.  If you can use the OFX file, please click on the account you’d like to download history for. On the Transaction History tab, click the Download link. You can choose the type of file you’d like to download (CSV or OFX) as well as a date range.

Where is the Sign Out button located?

The sign out button is located in the upper right corner within online banking. If your screen is not fully expanded and the sign out button is not showing, it can be located in the More tab.

Mobile Banking

How do I download the Pyramid FCU app?

Go to the Apple store or Google Play store and search Pyramid FCU. Follow the instructions in the app after the download completes.

How do I log into the app via my phone?

Once you’ve downloaded the app onto your phone, input your valid user name and password.

How do I update my password via my mobile device?

Log into online banking, select the more menu, then select app settings. Click the change password tab.

Where can I find Remote Check Deposit on the mobile app?

To deposit a check with Mobile Deposit, login to the app, tap the golden circle with the + sign at the bottom. Then click Remote Deposit.  You’ll need to allow access to your camera.  Then follow the on-screen instructions.  Be sure to correctly endorse the check by writing “Mobile Deposit for Pyramid FCU” along with your signature and account number on the back of the check. 

Some checks have a small box to check that says Mobile Deposit. This is NOT a sufficient endorsement and your mobile deposit will be rejected.

Can I log into the Mobile App using Touch ID or facial recognition?

Yes, the Mobile App works with facial recognition for iPhones and Touch ID for certain iPhone and Android devices. To set it up, first make sure facial recognition and/or Touch ID is enabled on your device. Then login to the Mobile App and go to the ‘More’ menu to enable this feature. You can also set up a PIN for mobile login as well.

Online and Mobile Banking are subject to the  Online Banking Services Agreement and Disclosures.