Has Pyramid helped you improve your financial life? We love to hear from our members. Let us know how we've helped you!

Maybe we saved you just a few dollars a month on your car loan. Or maybe we helped save your home from foreclosure.

Facing foreclosure is the worst feeling we have ever experienced. Our income had decreased, our bills were mounting, and creditors were calling. Thanks to Ray, Karen, Cheri, and the Pyramid staff for approving a home loan for us, which saved our home. They went 'Above & Beyond the Call of Duty' for us. Thanks to Pyramid, for keeping our American Dream alive. 

Kurt - Pyramid Member

A member came in and requested a loan for $300.00 to purchase a part for his car and groceries. After seeing his credit report and his income, I knew he was going to be denied. I felt horrible; I didn't sleep at all that night. The next day one of my co-workers went to our CEO to see if there was anything we could do. Our very nice CEO took money out of a Pyramid Helping People account and deposited the money in our member's account so that he could buy groceries and the needed part for his car. Our member was so ecstatic he called us "the heroes of his life." It's situations like this that makes me appreciate the Credit Union. I would love to see [a major commercial bank] do that for one of their members!

Jessica - Pyramid Employee and Member

My wife and I recently refinanced and combined our 1st mortgage, which was a VA loan with a fixed rate, and our 2nd mortgage, which was a HELOC with a variable rate, into a single, conventional mortgage loan with a fixed rate. I was very pleased with the level of service we received from the staff at Pyramid as well as the processor at the title company. The entire process was as "smooth as glass" and Pyramid and Centennial Lending handled all the details; all we had to do was sign on the dotted line! We were still able to set up bi-weekly payments, which not only fits our budget style better, but it will actually allow us to pay off our loan years ahead of schedule!

Anonymous - Pyramid Member

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