Electronic Statements (eStatements)

A safer, faster and greener alternative to paper statements. SeasonsEstatements.png

  • It's Free. Get free and secure access to your periodic statements through Online Banking
  • Fraud deterrence: Remove the paper trail and reduce your chance of mail fraud or identity theft – especially helpful during vacation seasons
  • Immediate access: View, download and print your statement the day it becomes available
  • Eco-friendly: eStatements help reduce our carbon footprint, as well as paper and energy usage

AND... You can help us make our community a better place for future generations. Go paperless and make a difference!

For each member who signs up for eStatements, Pyramid will donate $5 to the Tucson Clean & Beautiful Tree Bank. Our goal is to plant 500 trees throughout the Tucson community. 


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Review the terms and conditions below:

eStatement Terms

This disclosure provides important information required by the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (E-SIGN Act).


Transfers, withdrawals and bill payments transacted through the Online Banking Service will be recorded on your periodic statement. You will receive a statement monthly unless there is no transaction in a particular month. You will receive a statement at least quarterly.

You may elect to receive electronic statements (eStatements) rather than paper statements. To the extent that this consent and another agreement contain conflicting provisions, this consent will govern the delivery of electronic disclosures and statements, but all other contractual obligations of the parties remain subject to the terms of any other agreements.

If you elect to receive eStatements, your acceptance will apply to all Pyramid Federal Credit Union accounts.

Email Address Required for Notification of Statement Availability

Your email address is required so that we can contact you electronically. You agree to accept responsibility for notifying us promptly if your email address changes.

Right to Withdraw Consent

You have the right to withdraw your consent to receive your statements in electronic form at any time. If you withdraw your consent, your participation in the service will be terminated and you will subsequently receive paper statements.

To withdraw your consent, you can update your preferences within your Online Banking account, or you can inform us in writing by Fax to: 520-795-0494 or mail to: Pyramid Federal Credit Union, PO Box 12100, Tucson, AZ, 85732-2100.

If your eStatement cancellation is received more than ten (10) business days prior to the end of the statement cycle, your current (monthly/quarterly) statement will be distributed to you in paper form. If it is not received within the above-mentioned timeframe, your current statement may be distributed to you in electronic form and subsequent statements will be distributed to you in paper form. The list of fees applicable to your account(s) provided elsewhere may specify additional fees that we may charge for requests to receive an account statement in paper form.