Pyramid Protection Plus

Our Pyramid Protection Plus (PPP) checking account is powered by BaZing and includes the following benefits. Learn More!

  1. Roadside Assistance (up to $80 in service charges).
  2. Cell Phone Protection (up to $400 claim twice per year) for phones paid for from associated checking account.
  3. Identity Theft Protection (up to $10,000 reimbursement for expenses to restore your identity along with access to specialist to help you).
  4. $10,000 Travel accidental death coverage.
  5. Provides Pharmacy, Vision and Hearing savings through a discount network.
  6. Shopping discounts for local and national restaurants and other merchants. Members either print a coupon or (if enabled) just show them the app on their phone to receive the discount. Members can recommend their favorite local merchants for the program.

A Pyramid Protection Plus Checking account costs $5/month which is automatically charged to your PPP Checking account at the start of each month. Compare to individual solutions above which EACH typically cost twice the amount and are limited to one person or one phone.

Members who have a free basic primary checking account can switch to PPP Checking any time, and may continue using their same checks and debit cards. Likewise, members whose primary checking account is PPP Checking can switch to free basic checking at any time. An email address is required for PPP Checking and some of the benefits require a smart phone. Closing your PPP Checking account and/or failure to pay the monthly service charge may result in your PPP Checking being either closed or automatically converted to a basic free checking account, at the discretion of Pyramid Federal Credit Union.