Staff & Board

In keeping with the credit union credo of "People Helping People," Pyramid's Board of Directors serve as volunteer members responsible for overseeing credit union operations and planning for the future to ensure that members' needs are being met with sound financial management. The board has the authority and responsibility for directing the business affairs, monies and records of the credit union and to do all things prescribed by the laws of Arizona with respect to the management of this credit union.

Board members serve for three-year terms and are elected by a vote of the membership during the Annual Meeting. Board members meet one evening each month (the fourth Wednesday of the month) and attend various Director-level conferences throughout the year.

Board of Directors

Aron Meyer, Chair
Caleb Tennenbaum, Vice Chair
Maria “Cecilia” Valdez
Larry R Youdelman
Joyce Stump
Pamela Maloney
Arnie Aros

Supervisory Committee

Dave Deschamp, Chair
Dana Rawlings
John Spangler

Executive Leadership

Ray Lancaster, President / CEO (NMLS# 768724)
Jaime Hamlin, CFO
Gary McDougall, Vice President - Indirect Lending (NMLS# 1025198)
Dustin Powell, Vice President - Lending (NMLS# 1144306)
Natalie Kennedy, Vice President – Operations
Joel Smith, Vice President - Information Technology
Pam Miley, Vice President - Member Services (NMLS# 1069737)

Member Services

Broadway Blvd. Branch - Stephanie Gibbons, Branch Manager (NMLS# 1069787)
Oracle Rd. Branch - Camille Chrzanowski, Branch Manager (NMLS# 1069782)
Speedway Blvd. Branch - Cesar Vasquez, Branch Manager (NMLS# 1417644)
Rita Rd. Branch - Rachael Teague, Branch Manager (NMLS# 1070387)
Grant Rd. Branch - Karen Nadal, Branch Manager (NMLS# 1069795)