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Pyramid Credit Card Member Service: (520)795-7950
Card Security Calls: We may call you from area code 781 to verify charges.
Card Security Call Back: 866-661-4232

The Pyramid FCU Visa® credit cards give you all the access you've come to expect from Visa® with the personalized service you've come to expect from your credit union.

And now, Pyramid FCU has two Visa® cards to choose from.

Looking for a credit card that actually saves you money? The Pyramid FCU Platinum Card has one of the lowest rates around.


Maybe you're looking for a card that pays you back. Earn up to $1,500 a year on any purchase, anywhere with the Pyramid FCU Cash Back card.




Either way you'll save with 12 months of low intro rates, no annual fees and no over limit fees. Apply online, download an application, call or stop by to start saving, today!

Got the wrong Visa? If you already have a Pyramid FCU Visa, but in light of the new cards, you'd like to switch programs, contact us and we'll explore options to move you to a card that better suits you. Don't cancel your old card and re-apply. Working with us to migrate to a different program is better for your credit score than canceling and re-applying. If you migrate your current card to a new card product, the intro rate will not apply (because the product is being treated as an ongoing product and the intro rate applies to new products).

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