Loan Rates

Vehicle Loan Rates as low as:

APR* Term
2.25%** up to 36 Months (new loans to the credit union)
2.45%** up to 48 Months
2.60%** up to 60 Months
3.00%** up to 72 Months
3.55%** up to 84 Months

Motorcycle Loan Rates as low as:

APR* Term
4.25%** up to 36 Months
4.50%** up to 60 Months
5.00%** up to 72 Months
6.00%** up to 84 Months

ATV Loan Rates as low as:

APR* Term
5.50%** up to 36 Months
6.00%** up to 48 Months
6.50%** up to 60 Months

Personal and Promotional Loan Rates as low as:

APR* Term
8.50%** up to 60 Months

Lines of Credit & Visa Credit Card Rates as low as:

APR* Product
8.00% variable Pyramid Platinum Visa Card
11.25% variable Pyramid Cash Back Visa Card
8.99% Pyramid Platinum Visa Card (no longer being issued)
11.50%** Personal Line of Credit

Share & Certificate Secured Loan Rates as low as:

3.00%** above your current dividend rate

Rates quoted are best possible rate. Your rate may be higher depending on your credit history and the age of your vehicle.*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. **You must register and receive Estatements to receive our best possible rates. Rates are subject to change at any time.

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