Youth Month: Be a Credit Union Saver!

Your Savings Will Never Go Extinct.

One of the most important things we can teach our children is how to manage money and invest for the future!

Every April, National Credit Union Youth Month serves to encourage kids to develop healthy saving habits by making it fun and rewarding to save. “Be a Credit Union Saver and Your Savings Will Never Go Extinct” is the official theme of this year's National Credit Union Youth Month.


Promoting Financial Health for Our Youngest Members

Providing financial education embodies the credit union movement’s ‘people-helping-people’ philosophy. Pyramid FCU joins together with credit unions across the country to encourage our youngest members to open their own savings account (with a parent or guardian’s help), begin a habit of putting money into that account regularly, and learn how compound interest helps their account to grow.

Whether for your own children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, or the child of a close friend, take this opportunity to help get them get started on a good savings plan.

With each age, there are different ways we can teach children about money and saving. With young children, you can start with very basic concepts. When children are around 3 to 5 years old, just having them count the number of coins they have is a fun beginning step. As they get older, they can start to count and learn about denominations, including coin and dollar bills.

Ways to Teach Kids about Money

  • Talk about money! Even at a young age, children can understand that things have value and costs.
  • Encourage them to set a goal for saving and discuss wants vs. needs.
  • Talk about money when you go shopping, including how to make a budget.
  • Play money-centered board games like Monopoly.
  • Encourage your teens to work and earn their own money.
  • Bring your child to the credit union to open an account.

Keep Learning about Good Money Management

Money is a part of our daily lives and there are many teachable opportunities. To help parents keep financial literacy in front of their children, Pyramid also offers a number of tools and resources designed just for kids.


Banzai offers award-winning online games played by 2 million kids, ages 8–18, all over the United States. The Banzai Courses use real-life scenarios to demonstrate the power of good financial planning while navigating them through real-life financial dilemmas. Kids have to learn budgeting skills and make financial decisions to save and win at the end! Get started here!


Geared for teens and young adults, the Zogo Mobile App is a fun and engaging way to learn financial literacy and get paid while you learn. Just download the app, play through the short modules, and earn $5, $10 and $15 gift cards. To up your financial literacy game, download Zogo here.

Special Incentive to Help Our Young Members Save

Throughout the month of April, Pyramid will match the opening deposit up to $10 for all new youth accounts (ages 0-17) opened during Youth Savings Month 2021.

Pyramid’s GOAL Certificate Offers Even More Benefits to Saving

With a Pyramid GOAL Certificate, young members can start with as little as $25 and earn a pretty good dividend on their savings, well above the interest rates offered around town. And, unlike regular term certificates or CDs, Pyramid’s GOAL certificate is flexible, allowing withdrawals once each 90 days without penalty. Click here to learn more.


Remember, Pyramid FCU is here as your ally to help empower our youth to develop healthy money habits for a lifetime. Start now. Stop by or give us a call at (520) 795-7950 to open your child’s youth account today.