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A Safe & Convenient Way to Deposit a Check

​Looking to simplify your life? Our Mobile Banking app lets you perform a host of financial tasks—from anywhere on your schedule, like depositing a check.


When you receive a check, the first thing you want to do is cash it. The longer you hold onto that check, the more likely you to forget about it, or worse, to lose it. Since we’re not open 24/7, you may find yourself holding off to cash those checks. With the mobile app, you’ll be able to deposit a check from your smartphone or tablet without getting off the couch.

Here’s a helpful FAQ on how to take advantage of this great service:

Are Mobile Deposits Safe?

For all online and mobile banking, including mobile check deposit, we take steps to protect your information, such as internet security measures and encryption. We always caution against using public WiFi, or sharing your login credentials with anyone.

While Mobile Deposit is convenient and generally safe, it also presents an opportunity for scammers.

The most common scams involve stealing account holders’ personal or account information or tricking them into providing it. Scammers will promise anything from love to jobs, to loans, to free money in exchange for your information.

The scammer may simply ask for your online banking information if you already have it set up or the scammer may request your account and personal details so they can set up access to your account. They might also ask you to deposit a check into your account and give them some or all of the money. If the check is fraudulent, you’re on the hook!

Remember if it sounds too good to be true, it very likely is. Don’t give out personal or banking information to anyone – it only gives them a way to steal from you.

Is There a Fee to Use Mobile Deposit?

No. The service is offered as part of your free Pyramid FCU online banking service.

Are Mobile Deposit Funds Immediately Available?

Due to an unfortunate increase in check fraud, deposits are subject to a review and verification process. Depending on your deposit history and the amount of the check, it can be subject to the credit union’s funds available policy. This means, that some or all of the deposit could be placed on a hold until the funds are confirmed.

If you submit your mobile deposit through the Pyramid Mobile App BEFORE 3:30pm (AZ time) on a business day, and it’s properly endorsed (see next section), you will typically see your funds deposited by the end of the day. Deposits made after 3:30pm, or on weekends or holidays, are reviewed the next business day and may be available at the end of the day, pending funds availability requirements.

If you need the funds immediately, you should deposit it in-person at a local branch rather than submitting it as a Mobile or ATM Deposit. A Member Service representative can provide more information about deposits and check holds. You can call us at 520-795-7950 during regular business hours, or stop by a branch to discuss.

What Does “Properly Endorsed” Mean?

You must sign the check and include the words “FOR MOBILE DEPOSIT TO PYRAMID FCU,” handwritten on the back. If the endorsement is missing, the check will be rejected and you will receive a message in your online Message Center letting you know to correct the endorsement to re-submit. You can also bring the check to one of our 4 branch locations to deposit.

Is There a Dollar Limit on How Much Can Be Deposited This Way?

Yes. There is a daily limit of $5,000, either as a single check or the total of multiple checks.

Why Won’t My Mobile Deposit Go Through?

There are a number of reasons why a Mobile Deposit might fail.

  • The back of the check needs to be properly endorsed.
  • The check image is may not be readable.
  • The edges of the check are not visible.
  • Your WiFi or cellular service may have a weak signal.

Be sure you put the check on a smooth, dark service before taking the picture. Make sure all of the check is visible in the frame.

Also, make sure you have your phone updated to the most current operating system and that your Mobile App is up-to-date. Sometimes, deleting and re-installing the Mobile App can resolve the issue.

Can I Deposit a Check That’s Made Out to Someone Else?

No. The check must be made payable to the person who is endorsing and depositing it. If the check is made payable to a third-party, or to a person who is not a joint owner on the account, we cannot accept the mobile deposit.

Also, only checks from a US Financial Institution in US Dollars can be accepted via Mobile Deposit.

Do I Need to Keep the Paper Check after I Deposit it?

We may ask you to bring the paper check to a branch if there is a problem with the deposit. We strongly advise members to keep the paper check for at least 30 calendar days after making a Mobile Deposit to make sure the funds have cleared.

To help ensure the security of all of your online transactions:

  • Know that Pyramid will never email, text, or call to ask you for your username, password, or other digital banking credentials.
  • Help protect yourself by monitoring and safeguarding your online activity on a regular basis. If you are ever in doubt about a check, deposit, or payment, contact us immediately for assistance.

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