Banzai - Financial Literacy Program

Banzai_Logo_Blue.pngWhether you're a teacher looking for classroom financial education resources or a member wanting help with achieving financial success, you've come to right place!

Pyramid Federal Credit Union is proud to bring you Banzai, an award-winning financial wellness program.  Offered through area schools, and now as a "choose your own adventure" game for the whole family, Banzai takes kids, teens, and adults through real-life scenarios in an entertaining online experience that teaches valuable financial concepts for anyone interested in making smart money decisions.  

Experience real-world financial literacy in a fun, safe way.

With three content levels to choose from, everyone in your family can start learning more about good financial habits.  Banzai Junior (ages 8-12), Banzai Teen (ages 13-18), or Banzai Plus for adults.  

Ready to start your financial adventure?

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Pyramid Federal Credit Union currently sponsors the Banzai program at 11 schools in the Vail School District. This relevant, real-world program aligns with Arizona State Standards and allows students to walk through a series of life situations that reflect the realities of personal finance. 

Banzai Life Scenarios workbooks are provided free of charge to local teachers who participate in the program. Lesson plans and online assessment tools make the program easy to manage and teacher-friendly. 

The credit union philosophy is "people helping people" so we're excited to help students learn how to be better savers and more savvy spenders. That's what credit unions are all about!

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