Text & Mobile Banking Changes

If you use either text banking or mobile banking, our providers for these solutions are making a number of changes now and on June 4 that will affect you.

Text Banking Changes

Our text banking solution using short code 40293 is being retired and will no longer function as of 8/1/2014. The existing text banking capability of Sprig will replace this functionality as that is the only solution our provider will offer going forward. While your credit union team will likely seek superior alternatives that better serve you, this is the solution currently available. 

How to get Text Banking Now
Enroll in Sprig by CO-OP. This can be done either using a smart phone and downloading the Sprig by CO-OP app and registering with it, or by enrolling online at http://www.getsprig.com, whether you have or use a smart phone or not. Re-enrollment is required because the text banking capability is one of several related capabilities offered by CO-OP’s Sprig solution suite. To use any of the capabilities, you must first enroll. Enrollment enables all Sprig services, but you don’t have to use all of them. For instance, a person who does not have a smart phone may use only text banking. A person with a smart phone may use only some of the features of the Sprig by CO-OP smart phone app, and may elect to not use others, such as person-to-person transfer or mobile check deposit. Because enrollment enables you to choose to use any of these features (or not), the enrollment process is more rigorous than the prior text banking only enrollment. This is done to protect your account. 

The branch team can no longer administratively enroll a member in text banking. Each member must enroll for themselves. 

Key Differences & Documentation
HELP no longer returns a list of commands. To get the list of commands, send CMD.

Documentation of the valid commands for the Sprig text banking system is available in the Document Center

Mobile Banking Changes

We're excited about some of the new and long-awaited features, especially:

  • Mobile check deposit for Android
  • ATM locator for finding surcharge-free ATMs near you

We note that with the new app there are both new capabilities and some new look & functionality differences. Mobile check deposit now requires you to activate your phone's camera. So if you were using that feature on your iPhone, the user experience is a little different on the new app.

If you are looking for Sprig by CO-OP in the Google Play store, but can’t find it, your android operating system is probably not able to support the app, which requires Android 3.0 or higher. We are exploring alternatives but currently have no solution for members using older android phones that don’t support the 3.0 operating system.